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Giant Anthem 26er Review

Since you are specifically shopping for the 26″ tire model, I can only assume that you have found a used bicycle somewhere and are trying to evaluate if it is a worthwhile purchase. Everything Giant makes today uses the 27.5″ tire. And, before that, they had the Anthem X with a 29″ tire that sold […]

Suntour XCT V2 Crankset Review

The Suntour XCT cranks are some of the most common stock cranks that you find sold on entry to mid-level mountain bicycles. And, since they hold up so well, they are typically some of the last items to be upgraded on a bicycle, after you’ve upgraded the shocks and the derailleurs and the shifters. You […]

Mountain Bike Cleaning And Maintenance

  You’ve saved up your pennies and picked up that beautiful mountain bike that you’ve been shopping for all year. Oh, gosh it is gorgeous. But wait, is that a scratch? I’m going to run through a few steps to help you keep your bike looking new. After all, we want those compliments to last […]

Circus Monkey Hubs Review

The Circus Monkey hubs are an eye-catching new offering to the cycling market. We see many brands coming and going. And it makes it hard to know who you can trust. Of course, there are some well-known brands on the market like Chris King. However, the more respected a brand becomes, the more expensive they […]